About IPS Media


IPS Media is an outdoor advertising company that specializes in super graphics and event spectaculars. As a leader in this field, IPS Media takes pride in the successful acquisition and management of iconic locations across the globe. IPS Media makes it easy for owners of prominent properties to maximize the profitability of their locations.


IPS Media was founded with a commitment to the highest level of service in its dealings. Since inception, we have anchored operations through out the U.S., moved into foreign markets such as Australia and is looking to expand to the English and Indian markets. Building owners and advertisers alike have come to appreciate the more valuable opportunities that IPS Media offers, in addition to the quality and integrity of the way we conduct our business. These attributes have expanded our outdoor offerings rapidly to include more prominent locations in Los Angeles, Boston, NYC, Chicago, Miami and Sydney.

At the core of our lasting partnerships with building owners and advertisers is our dedication to service. This is best exemplified by our owner Marc Caldera who provides his private direct lines so that even our newest clients can enjoy the personal attention of a decision maker 24/7/365. Animated by a “can do” spirit, this dynamic approach attributes the success to the thoroughness in personally scouting locations with an experienced eye for what delivers the greatest benefits to clients. That is why IPS Media can confidently stand behind every one of its locations and honor its contracts with the utmost reliability.


IPS Media is committed to creating profitable and equitable partnerships that create the basis for sustained growth. We provide building owners with a clear picture of the revenue stream that can be generated from their locations as well as significantly increasing the property value. In addition, we can assure that the integrity of your building will be upheld, whether it is a modern icon or historic landmark because we take pain staking care of each location with the utmost in professionalism from printing to installations and removal. The building will be in exactly the same condition as when we started, if not improved.

Furthermore, in keeping with our dedication of innovating services, we work with cutting-edge experiential technology so our clients will continue to get the most value for their investment. We invite you to take advantage of all the options we offer.