IPS Sydney Bondi Beach

Bondi Beach

Australia’s Most Famous Beach

Popular all year ’round with tourists, surfers, exercise goers and all walks of life. Home of Flickerfest, the South American Festival, Open Water and Rough Water Ocean Swims, the finish line for the City to Surf. It is a tradition for many to visit Bondi Beach on Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Year’s Day. There are almost 100,000 people in Bondi for New Year’s Eve, partly due to the fact that on New Years Eve the Shore Thing takes over this famous strip of sand, bringing in the world’s biggest names in music and DJs to put on one of the world’s biggest New Year’s Eve parties.

Over 700 square metres, right on the beach in Bondi, not only huge in size, it is the only one of this kind in the Eastern Suburbs.


Beach façade : 32.0m x 9.5m
Parking lot façade : 26.0m x 9.0m
Campbell Pde façade: 26.0m x 5.5m